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Results ( 4 ) : 2014 - 1.

Firm Ownership and Social Insurance Inequality in Transitional China: Evidence from a Large Panel of Firm-level Data

Authors: Q. Gao, J. Rickne

Abstract: In dramatic reforms during the past 15 years, China has aimed to create a unified social insurance system across state, collective, and private ownership sectors in urban areas. Despite this nominal equality, a large panel of firm-level data from 2...

Decomposing Child Poverty Reduction

Authors: J. Bradshaw, M. Huby

Abstract: European countries vary in the extent to which they succeed in reducing poverty using social transfers. However, we do not have good ways of understanding how these different outcomes are achieved. It is therefore very difficult to learn lessons fr...

Fighting Social Exclusion under EU Horizon 2020. Enhancing the Legal Enforceability of the Social Inclusion Recommendations?

Authors: P. Schoukens, J.B. Smets

Abstract: In this article, we take a closer look at EU policy to promote social inclusion in the framework of the Europe 2020 strategy. Concretely the legal consequences of the incorporation of social inclusion in the employment guidelines will be addressed....