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Results ( 4 ) : 2014 - 2.

In-work Benefits: Effective Social Protection or ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’?

Authors: M. Cousins

Abstract: In work benefits (IWBs) were initially introduced in the UK and USA in the 1970s and have expanded greatly in scope and geographical coverage in recent decades.1 Recent studies by organisations such as the OECD have presented a generally positive p...

Parental Benefits in the Coordination Regulation: (Where) Do They Fit In? – The Swedish Example

Authors: E. Holm

Abstract: In this article the issue of coordination of parental benefits in cross-border situations, with the Swedish example in focus, is analysed. There are no specific provisions in the Coordination Regulations concerning these benefits. At the national l...

Social Security Administration Confronting Sustainability Challenges ‒ The Greek Pension System From a Comparative Perspective

Authors: T. Galazoulas, A. Tsetoura

Abstract: This paper explores sustainability in social security, placing a particular emphasis on pension funds. The article starts by presenting various elements involved in a pension scheme. After defining the problem regarding the fiscal challenges with w...