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Results ( 5 ) : 2015 - 4.

Right to Hospital Care and Prioritisation from a Law and Politics Perspective – The Experiences of Norway and Denmark

Authors: H. Sinding Aasen, M. Hartlev, A-M- Magnussen

Abstract: As members of the Nordic family of welfare states, both Norway and Denmark are characterised by universal access to health care. Legislation and individual rights have increasingly been used as tools to promote and protect patients’ equal access to...

Evaluating What Works for Whom in Active Labour Market Policies

Authors: T. Bredgaard

Abstract: In order to make informed and legitimate decisions in labour market policies, European and national policy makers need better knowledge of what type of interventions works for whom. The European Commission and many Member States have high hopes tha...

Stratification in Changing Swedish Sickness Insurance

Authors: N. Grees

Abstract: This paper proposes an analytical approach to capturing gradual institutional change in mature welfare states. The approach takes account of both public and occupational provisions of income security and investigates differences between diverse gro...