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Results ( 4 ) : 2015 - 3.

Accommodating Social Security and Freedom of Religion

Authors: D. Pieters

Abstract: In this article I explore how national and European law deal with situations where the right to social security, and, more broadly, the law on social security, seem to conflict with the freedom of religion. The article begins by specifying what is ...

Is Welfare Dependency Inherited? Estimating Causal Welfare Transmission Effects using Swedish Sibling Data

Authors: K. Edmark, K. Hanspers

Abstract: This study tests whether individuals who grow up with parents on welfare benefits are themselves more (or less) likely to be welfare recipients as young adults, compared to individuals who grow up in non-welfare households. Using detailed register-...

A Meta-Methodological Study of Dutch and Belgian PhDs in Social Security Law: Devising a Typology of Research Objectives as a Supporting Tool

Authors: L. Kestemont

Abstract: This article presents a typology of research objectives for legal scholarship in response to the strong call for research on legal methodology. Based on an in-depth literature study, the possible research objectives of legal scholarship are classif...