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Results ( 6 ) : 2014 - 4.

Jos Berghman: An Appreciation

Authors: A. Sinfield

Comfort in Numbers? Social Integration and Political Participation among Disability Benefit Recipients in Norway

Authors: A-H- Bay, A. West Pedersen, H. Finseraas

Abstract: There are growing concerns both in academic and political debates that the provision of cash transfers to people in economically active age groups does not support and might even undermine active social citizenship. In this article we study the soc...

Fathers’ Leave and Fathers’ Involvement: Evidence from Four OECD Countries

Authors: M.C. Huerta, W. Adema, J. Baxter, W-J- Han, M. Lausten, R. Lee, J. Waldfogel

Abstract: In recent years, several OECD countries have taken steps to promote policies encouraging fathers to spend more time caring for young children, thereby promoting a more gender equal division of care work. Evidence, mainly for the United States and U...

Psychosocial Factors Predicting Job Search Behaviour of Long-Term Welfare Recipients in the Netherlands

Authors: I. Varekamp, T. Knijn, P. Bos, F. Van Wel

Abstract: In spite of active labour market policies, a considerable number of welfare recipients in the Netherlands are long-term unemployed. In order to investigate the job search behaviour of this group, we developed a model of job search behaviour, inspir...