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Results ( 8 ) : 2015 - 2.

The Crisis Imperative, Reform Dynamics and Rescaling in Greece and Portugal

Authors: M. Petmesidou, M. Glatzer

Abstract: This article compares the welfare reform dynamics and rescaling processes over the last few years in Greece and Portugal. It comprises four main sections. After an introduction, the second section briefly describes the salient features of social se...

Welfare Rescaling in Italy and Spain: Political Strategies to Deal with Harsh Austerity

Authors: M. León, E. Pavolini, A.M. Guillén

Abstract: By looking at the main welfare state reforms undertaken by the Italian and Spanish governments since the outbreak of the financial crisis, this article explores changes resulting from the implementation of austerity policies. In light of the way in...

Austerity-Driven Labour Market Reforms in Southern Europe: Eroding the Security of Labour Market Insiders

Authors: A. Moreira, Á. Alonso Domínguez, C. Antunes, M. Karamessini, M. Raitano, M. Glatzer

Abstract: The sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone and increased pressures for ‘structural reform’ have led to a period of intensive change in labour market policy in Southern Europe. Examining the cases of Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, this article fo...

Southern European Governments and Public Bureaucracies in the Context of Economic Crisis

Authors: D.A. Sotiropoulos

Abstract: Before the economic crisis erupted, the public bureaucracies of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain had embarked on public administration reforms reflecting Neo-Weberian and New Public Management influences. After the onset of the crisis, which funct...

Decentralisation at a Time of Harsh Austerity: Multilevel Governance and the Welfare State in Spain and Italy Facing the Crisis

Authors: E.P.E. Del Pino

Abstract: Decentralisation was one of the most relevant trends in the institutional development of the Spanish and Italian welfare states up to the onset of the economic crisis. The present article tries to answer two questions. How have central government –...

Austerity and Welfare Reform in South-Western Europe: A Farewell to Corporatism in Italy, Spain and Portugal?

Authors: D. Luque Balbona, S. González Begega

Abstract: This article examines the impact of the current economic and financial crisis on the consistency of the corporatist dynamic that has oriented governments, trade unions and employers’ associations towards consensus in Spain, Italy and Portugal over ...

Intergenerational Transmission of Inequalities in Southern European Countries in Comparative Perspective: Evidence from EU-SILC 2011

Authors: M. Raitano

Abstract: Economic studies usually assess the link between parental background and off spring’s incomes without distinguishing the effects that family background may have upon educational attainment and upon occupation and earnings, independently from educat...