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Results ( 4 ) : 2014 - 3.

Repressive Welfare States: The Spiral of Obligations and Sanctions in Social Security

Authors: G. Vonk

Abstract: This article discusses the trend of introducing increasingly strict obligations and sanctions for social security claimants in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. It is argued that this trend should be judged critically because it upsets the balan...

The Duty to Work Without a Wage: A Legal Comparison between Social Assistance Legislation in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Authors: A. Eleveld

Abstract: Since the rise of the activation paradigm in the 1990s, the duty to work without a wage has become widespread in European social assistance legislation. This paper investigates in a precise way the extent to which the duty to work without a wage fo...

Increasing Pension Ages in Greece and Ireland: A Question of Legitimate Expectations

Authors: E. Dewhurst, D. Diliagka

Abstract: This paper examines the changes to pension ages in Greece and Ireland precipitated by the global financial crisis and introduced as a result of the Greek and Irish bail-outs. The paper analyses whether pensioners in the two jurisdictions had a legi...

Should Social Rights Be Included in Interpretations of the Convention by the European Court of Human Rights?

Authors: M. Dahlberg

Abstract: The European Court of Human Rights frequently incorporates socio-economic rights in its applications of the Convention as a result of its broad interpretations of civil and political rights, while at the same time emphasising that the Convention do...