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Results ( 5 ) : 2011 - 4.


Authors: M. Adler, F. Pennings, S. Stendahl

Income Redistribution in Iceland: Development and European Comparisons

Authors: A. Sölvi Kristjánsson

Abstract: This article explores income redistribution in Iceland stemming from taxes and transfers, both in terms of its development (1995–2009) and in comparison with European countries (2007). This is done by applying various decomposition analyses, mostly...

The Cross-border Health Care Directive: More Free Movement for Citizens and More Coherent EU Law?

Authors: F. Pennings

Abstract: In 2011 the Patients’ Rights in Cross-border Health Care Directive was adopted. This Directive is meant, inter alia, to implement the case law of the Court of Justice on patient mobility. This article investigates the ways in which the position of ...

Towards Minimum Income Protection in Europe: Budgetary and Political Obstacles to Overcome

Authors: B. Cantillon, H. Verschueren, N. Van Mechelen

Abstract: A commonly heard proposal in academic and policy circles alike is for the introduction of an obligation for all Member States to guarantee a dignified minimum income to their citizens. The accelerated integration that has taken place over the past ...