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Towards Cross-country Comparable Reference Budgets in Europe: First Results of a Concerted Effort

Authors: T. Goedemé, B. Storms, S. Stockman, T. Penne, K. Van Den Bosch

Abstract: In Europe, reference budgets are increasingly recognised as a helpful tool for policy making and monitoring. If developed in a cross-country comparable way, reference budgets could, in addition, prove to be useful for cross-national learning and co...

Responses from the Frontline: How Organisations and Street-level Bureaucrats Deal with Economic Sanctions

Authors: D. Caswell, M. Høybye-mortensen

Abstract: Economic sanctions have gained more political legitimacy and are being more widely used as a tool to improve the willingness of unemployed welfare recipients to participate in activities within the framework of active labour market policy (ALMP). T...

National Healthcare Planning and the Internal Market: A Conceptual View on the Impact of EU Law on Member States’ Regulatory Autonomy in the Field of Healthcare

Authors: A. Walus

Abstract: Public healthcare is a fundamental task of welfare states. Its real character is ambiguous though as, on the one hand, healthcare is a cornerstone of social security while, on the other, it is an enormous economic sector. At the same time, maintena...

An Argument for Social Insurance Based on Personal Identity

Authors: M. Dubois

Abstract: This article presents an argument for compulsory insurance that compensates for loss of income in the event of sickness or unemployment. The argument is based on a concern for the protection of our identity according to what is called a ‘thick’ con...