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Results ( 8 ) : 2016 - 2.

Overview of the Special Issue

Authors: T. Erhag

Abstract: The aim of this Special Issue is to describe and analyse the responses of residence based social security schemes in relation to free movement as it is formulated in EU Law. The articles contain accounts on how legislative changes in residence-base...

National Welfare Systems, Residency Requirements and EU Law: Some Brief Comments

Authors: M. Dougan

Abstract: This short paper summarises recent developments in the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union concerning the rights to residency and equal treatment of economically inactive migrant Union citizens. Rulings such as Dano and Alimanovi...

The Response of Residence-based Schemes in the Netherlands to Cross-Border Movement

Authors: F. Pennings

Abstract: The Netherlands already had a residence-based scheme for old-age pensions when the first Coordination Regulation came into force. This national scheme incorporated a prorata system from the start and fits rather well, despite differences in charact...

Demagnetisation of Social Security and Health Care for Migrants to the UK

Authors: N. Harris

Abstract: Over the past two decades, starting with the social security ‘habitual residence’ test, UK governments have maintained a consistent policy of restricting the access of migrants to welfare benefits and public health care. It has represented a respon...

Independent Choices and Extrinsic Pressure: EU Membership and the Development of Residence-based Social Security Schemes in Finland

Authors: T. Kotkas

Abstract: The article addresses the impact of the principles of free movement of persons and services of the European Union on Finnish residence-based social security schemes. Three particular schemes are analysed: the minimum old-age pension scheme (nationa...

From Negligence to Resistance: Danish Welfare in the Light of Free-movement Law

Authors: C. Jacqueson

Abstract: The Danish welfare system is famous for being a universal system covering all residents with generous benefits financed through general taxes. This is at least true for benefits such as social assistance, health care and the state retirement pensio...

Under Pressure? – Swedish Residence-based Social Security and EU Citizenship

Authors: T. Erhag

Abstract: This article analyses the impact of free movement of persons on Swedish residence based social security in the areas of old-age pensions, health care and social assistance. Since becoming a member of the EU in 1995 Sweden has made both minor and la...

To Reside: to live, be present, belong

Authors: S. Stendahl

Abstract: The aim of this Special Issue is to investigate the impact of free movement and EU citizenship on the laws that make up traditional residence-based social security schemes at the national level. The contributions to the collection allow for compara...