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Results ( 4 ) : 2016 - 3.

The Case of the Guarantee Pension Reform: Change of Perceived Income Adequacy among Low-Income Pensioners in Finland

Authors: I. Airio, M. Nurminen

Abstract: This article investigates the effects of the Finnish 2011 guarantee pension reform on perceived income adequacy among the financially most disadvantaged pensioners in Finland. These particular pensioners receive the Finnish minimum pension, which i...

Social Security Rights Under Decision No 3/80 of the EEC-Turkey Association Council: Developments in the EU and in the Netherlands

Authors: P. Minderhoud

Abstract: This article deals with the recent developments of Decision No 3/80 of the EEC-Turkey Association Council in the EU and in the Netherlands. Decision No 3/80 established social security measures for workers of Turkish nationality moving within the C...

Possible Reforms of Pay-as-you-go Pension Systems

Authors: J. Banyar

Abstract: This study outlines and compares the possible ways of reforming modern, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pension systems ‒ reforms which are necessitated by unfavourable demographic processes. This comparison is made in a general context and the examination do...